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Homes for Sale in Sand Castle Estates, Sea Cliff, Huntington Beach, CA

Sand Castle Estates is a small gated community that exudes a humble atmosphere that can be found along Palm Avenue in Huntington Beach, CA.

Sand Castle Estates is a perfect community for individuals and families who want to be near the excitement of all that Huntington Beach has to offer but still have the option to have a peaceful stay in their homes. Located just off Palm Avenue, Sand Castle Estates puts you within easy walking distance of Main Street and Seacliff Plaza, as well as the famous Huntington Dog Beach. The neighborhood has over 30 houses developed by Sand Dollar Development. Homes for sale in Sand Castle Estates, Huntington Beach can offer excellent living conditions and affordable luxurious properties if you are considering buying a new property in the beautiful area of Huntington Beach, CA. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at your most convenient time for more complete details about Sand Castle Estates.

HUMBLE COMMUNITY: Sand Castle Estates is a peaceful and humble community you can find in Huntington Beach, CA. Despite having grand and elegant homes, there is a distinct humbleness that the residential area exudes, which appeals to many potential homebuyers. It is a relatively simple area perfect for people who are not very extravagant but still prefer living in a stylish and elegant home.

PRIME LOCATION: Sand Castle Estates is close to the charming downtown Huntington Beach where many engaging activities occur, shops, and top-rated restaurants are found. The downtown area is a vibrant and lovely spot in the city that is always full of people having fun and exploring the area. Living in Sand Castle Estates will give you quick access to the central district within a reasonable distance from your home. Running errands and dining out will be relatively easy and convenient if you relocate to Sand Castle Estates.

ELEGANT ESTATES WITH STUNNING LANDSCAPING: The properties in this neighborhood scream elegance and luxury without being too extra. The lush landscaping of the residences accentuates the beauty of the properties, adding additional charm and aesthetic value across the neighborhood. The lawns are immaculately maintained, there is no traffic congestion on the roads, and the streets are always kept clean for a visually-pleasing environment. On top of that, the HOA dues are less expensive than the other neighborhoods since they cost only a little over $100 and do not exceed $200 monthly. The properties in Sand Castle Estates offer ample space for families of all sizes and homeowners of varying backgrounds and lifestyles.

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Homes in Sand Castle Estates

5 Real Estate Facts About Homes for Sale Sand Castle Estates, Huntington Beach, CA

  • The Sand Castle Estates in Huntington Beach homes typically sell properties with home values ranging between $1.7 million to as high as $2.2 million. 
  • Most residential properties have at least four to five-bedroom capacities and three to four-bathroom setups.
  • The interior living spaces of these homes usually measure between 2,700 sqft to 3,200 sqft.
  • Homes for sale in Sand Castle Estates in Huntington Beach are known for their lot sizes ranging between 0.13 acres to 0.18 acres.
  • The most prevalent home type in the neighborhood is single-family homes with Traditional architectural designs.
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Homes for Sale Sand Castle Estates, Huntington Beach, CA

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Presidio Drive, which connects to Palm Avenue, is the primary route to enter the Sand Castle Estates community in Huntington Beach, CA.

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Things to do near Sand Castle Estates, Huntington Beach, CA

Fiesta Grill

An affordable Mexican eatery that serves you delectable burritos, tostadas, and tacos, among other dishes.

The Black Trumpet Bistro Tapas & Wine Bar

A cozy tavern with low lighting that focuses on serving small meals, kebabs, and wine from the Mediterranean region. It also features an open kitchen and bar area.

Newland House Museum

The Queen Anne farmhouse with a midwestern twist, Newland House near Huntington Beach, California, was completed in 1898. It is among Orange County's 123 National Register of Historic Places sites and communities.

Lake Park

A quaint park with palm trees and grassy spaces, a playground, barbecue grills, and picnic tables.


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